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Our Philosophy

We believe in pushing limits, digging deeper, and working harder. We believe the only thing between you and your next goal is you. Find your inner strength and never settle for mediocrity. Show some passion. Constantly challenge yourself. Get focused.

Every program we design is measured against our philosophy. Every program will push your limits, keep you focused and get you stronger. Whether you’re six or sixty, just starting our or looking to compete, our programs are designed to motivate and produce results.

About Us

Since opening our doors January 2nd, 2010, we have become one of the most experienced and well respected CrossFit Gyms in Colorado. We were in love with CrossFit Workouts before the general public discovered them. Since that date over four years ago, we have seen the explosion of CrossFit and have stayed true to our original values. We coach on an individual basis in a group setting. We are focused on the needs and the movements of each and every member in our community. We also love being there for so many people who call CrossFit Broadway in Denver, CO their second home. If you’re looking to get in shape, lose weight through exercise, get stronger, or just plain get healthy, we are here for you.

Our three main programs, CrossFitF.I.T. and Elements help fulfill our desire to help people become their best. Our CrossFit gym in Denver is known for it’s quality programming and attention to detail. Our FIT Boot Camp program in Denver is known for it’s amazing results. Between the two of these programs, we offer a High Intensity Interval Training program for anyone in Denver looking to get in shape or lose weight. Our Elements program is the best way to start CrossFit in Denver through a beginner’s program. Through these programs you will get stronger, gain confidence, increase flexibility, become more lean and have fun in the process.

Our coaching staff in Denver has years of experience.  We are known for exceptional coaching, and bringing out the best in people as they search to better themselves through Fitness. Wether you are a beginner CrossFitter or Competitive Athlete you will find what you need at CrossFit Broadway.

Meet the Coaches

Jason Kelly

Owner / Head Coach

Juli Bauer

CrossFit Coach

Jeremy Rife

CrossFit Coach

Nate Goertz

CrossFit Coach

Christy Buffington

CrossFit Coach

Steve LaPorta

CrossFit Coach

Lacey Wirt

FIT Coach

Andrea Hollander

FIT Coach